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Hebei EagleFly International Co. Ltd

Tel: +86 311 6759 6062 Fax: +86 311 6759 6062 Extn. 8012
Email: customercare@eagleflycard.com Skype: Eagleflycc
Add: 1615 Caiku Bld. 41 Zhaiying South Str., Shijiazhuang, Hebei, P.R China.


Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm
Saturdays 9.00am to 11.00am

Distance by Car

From Beijing to Shijiazhuang, 3 hours & 270Kms
From Tianjin to Shijiazhuang, 4 hours & 280Kms
Shijiazhuang, is the capital of Hebei Province, it is situated 270 kilometers southwest of Beijing.Bordering the Taihang Mountains in the west, it faces the vast and rich North China Plain on its three other sides. It is at the intersection of the Beijing-Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang -Dezhou, and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway lines and one of the centers of communications in China.It encompasses 15,653 square kilometers and has a population of 8.75 million.