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Paperless Signature Tablet

Solution to Paperless Service Hall


Application requirements

When going to the bank or telecommunication service hall for business, all agreements are written on papers. However, it may have below problems in today’s fast-paced world.

1. Low working efficiency

The service hall is required to print, photocopy and preserve all the paper business agreements for record. Client’s signature is a must on the paper agreements. The above process is very trivial and time-consuming for both working staff and clients.

2.  Inquiry difficulty

It may take much time and huge amounts of manpower, material and financial resources to find the long-time-ago paper documents.

3. Management difficulty

Millions of paper agreements are difficult in management.  And the inept management will disclose the client’s personal information.

4. High operation cost

The print, photocopy and preservation of paper agreements may take lots of money and occupy the large space in the office.

Project Design

1. Generate PDF document with the business agreements of the data base.

2. Deploy the digital signature verification platform, and then realize the management and verification of the digital stamp and client’s signature. Meanwhile, it makes a reality to apply and manage the third-party’s digital certificate.

3.  The clients will scan the digital agreement document on the digital writing signature pad, and then write signature for acknowledgement.

4. The PDF cloud signature server will realize the automatic signature of the business stamp in the backstage.

5. Electronic delivery: The digital business document is finished with the client’s signature and service hall’s digital stamp. The system will send out the digital files in the automatic way. There are two options for clients: multimedia message and electronic email.

6. Business document printing:  the service hall is able to print the business document for some client’s need. The paper document has the QR code and optical security information.

Project feature

Applying the paperless solution will improve the working efficiency, which will make the clients much more satisfied. In a word, paperless office means energy-saving and high efficiency.

Application field

Telecommunications, Bank, Education, Drawing, Finance, Social Security, Medical, Hotel, Entertainment, etc.