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Satellite Antenna Systems

6.3M Compact Cassegrain Antenna

‘Type-Approved’ bolt-together, all-aluminum reflector with selfaligning, fully interchangeable components
Designed for 3.4 to 31 GHz operation, meeting FCC 25.209 regulation at Ku-band
Galvanized steel elevation over azimuth pedestal with jackscrews
Survives 125 mph winds in any position

1385 3.8M C-Band TX/RX Antenna

Upgraded integral rib design for higher frequency operation
Increased strength for heavier radio and ODU equipment loads
Field friendly installation without requirement for specialised tools
Anti-ice capability for use in cold climate and arctic environments
Optimised 4-piece reflector design for maximum shipping efficiencies
Upgradeable for high XPD performance

MBT-4000 Multi-Band RF Transceiver

RF band switching in minimal time without requiring tools
Minimal cost for a complete system including spares
Easy expansion for providing a redundant system or other frequency bands
Rugged construction for mobile and transportable applications
Automatic band identification for the BUC, BDC, and antenna feed
Easy system status verification via LEDs located behind a removable cover